The Spring 2019 semester began on March 5.

The remaining schedule is shown below.

Tuesday and Thursday lectures will be in the Science Center – except for Tuesday, April 16, which will be in Thomson Hall.  All Wednesday lectures will be in Thomson Hall.

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Spring 2019     ==============   Week 4   ==============

Tuesday, March 26     Science Center

   9:00 AM    Foundations of Christianity: Religion and Violence, Part 2
                       Rev. Andrew Hart,  Pastor, Doctrinal Candidate, and Guthrie Scholar at Columbia Seminary

10:30 AM    Ona Judge and the Lure of Freedom
                       Gary Johnson,  Retired Aerospace Engineer

Wednesday, March 27

Bus Trip # 2     Departs 7:45 AM

Washington, DC:  The Newseum

   Sign-up begins March 12.     Contact  Betty Thompson,  717-352-8736

Thursday, March 28     Science Center

   9:00 AM    The U.S. Marine Corps: America’s Expeditionary
             Force in Readiness

                         Lieutenant Colonel Ashley Burch,  USMC Supply Officer, Army War College

10:30 AM    The Evolving Role of Women in International Security
                       Laurie Hoes,  Project Management Professional and CEO, LcHoesGroup

Spring 2019     ==============   Week 5   ==============

Tuesday, April 2     Science Center

   9:00 AM    Palliative Care: What it is and How It Differs From Hospice
                       Dr. Iwona Janicka & Dr. Anna Kent,  Palliative Care Physicians,  Chambersburg Hospital

10:30 AM    The Lost Collection of the Pine Grove Furnace
             Prisoner of War Camp

                         Vince Montano,  Researcher and author, Camp Michaux Recognition and Development Project

Wednesday, April 3     Thomson Hall

   9:00 AM    Franklin Together Reentry Coalition
                       Dr. Kimberly Eaton,  Franklin County Director of Reentry & Clinical Quality Assurance

10:30 AM    Stories the Monuments Tell: A Photo Tour of Gettysburg
                       Leon Reed,  Retired U.S. Senate Staff Member and U.S. History Teacher

Thursday, April 4     Science Center

   9:00 AM    Vaccines and You: Do the Immunological Safety Dance,
            and LIVE!!

                         Dr. Brad Stiles,  Professor of Biology, Wilson College

10:30 AM    Heroic Women of Gettysburg
Debra Novotny,  Licensed Battlefield Guide

Spring 2019     ==============   Week 6   ==============

Tuesday, April 9     Science Center

   9:00 AM    Soldiering With a Vengeance: 21st Pennsylvania
             Volunteer Cavalry in the American Civil War
Britt Isenberg,  Licensed Battlefield Guide

10:30 AM    Antietam Shadows: Mystery, Myth & Machination
                       Dennis Frye,  Civil War Author & Retired Chief Historian, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Wednesday, April 10

Bus Trip # 3     Departs 8:30 AM

Gettysburg:  Seminary Ridge Museum,  Gettysburg Heritage Center,
  and The Daniel Lady Farm Confederate Hospital

    Sign-up begins March 26.     Contact  Susan Etter,  717-263-0911

Thursday, April 11     Science Center

   9:00 AM    Eisenhower in Gettysburg
                       Jackie White,  Dobbin House Owner

10:30 AM    Army National Guard
Lieutenant Colonel Wyatt Hansen,  US Army Engineer Officer, Army War College

Spring 2019     ==============   Week 7   ==============

Tuesday, April 16     THOMSON HALL
Note: This is not the normal location for Tuesday lectures.

   9:00 AM    Bicycle Adventures
                       Dan Grandel,  Social Security Administration Retiree and Avid Bicyclist

10:30 AM    The Dying President: Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1944-1945
                       Fran Herrity,  Former Legislative Director on Capitol Hill

Wednesday, April 17     Thomson Hall

   9:00 AM    The Facts of Life (without sex): What College Students
                       Need to Know to Navigate the Real World
                         Dr. Alison Dagnes,  Professor of Political Science, Shippensburg University

10:30 AM    James Smith: Pennsylvania Frontier Leader
                       Susan Crouse Smith,  Retired Teacher

Thursday, April 18     Science Center

   9:00 AM    Welcome to the Rock!  Alcatraz: The Attack & Defense
                       of Northern California in the American Civil War, Part 1
                         Colonel (Retired) John J. Fitzpatrick, Jr., Esq.,  Attorney, Arbitrator, and Licensed Battlefield Guide

10:30 AM    Welcome to the Rock!  Alcatraz: The Attack & Defense
                       of Northern California in the American Civil War, Part 2
                         Colonel (Retired) John J. Fitzpatrick, Jr., Esq.,  Attorney, Arbitrator, and Licensed Battlefield Guide

Spring 2019     ==============   Week 8   ==============

Monday, April 22     5:30 to 9:00 PM

Special Event:  IRP 35th Anniversary Dinner
   at Chestnut Landing Restaurant,  1500 Northfield Drive, Chambersburg
   Sign-up begins March 28     Contact K Detlefsen, 717-352-3164  or  Cheryl Wauls, 717-264-9064

Tuesday, April 23     Science Center

   9:00 AM    Vietnam Culture and Birds
                       Rev. Bob Keener,  Retired Health Care Chaplain

10:30 AM    SisterCare in Vietnam
                       Rhoda Keener,  Director, SisterCare for Mennonite Women, USA

Wednesday, April 24

Bus Trip # 4     Departs 8:00 AM

Spirit of Philadelphia:  River Cruise with Lunch
 and  Elferth’s Alley Walking Tour

  Sign-up begins April 9.     Contact  Pat Chickering, 717-264-7140

Thursday, April 25     Science Center

   9:00 AM    The Emirates: What They Are, Why I Went, and What I Found
                       Pat Chickering,  Retired Research Historian

10:30 AM    IRP Members Meeting

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS:  IRP sessions will not meet in the event that Chambersburg schools are closed or delayed for bad weather or other emergencies.  Call 717-261-5680 for updates.



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