The Fall 2018 semester began on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 and will end on Thursday, November 1, 2018.

All Tuesday and Thursday lectures are scheduled in the Science Center auditorium; Wednesday lectures will be in Thomson Hall, the same as last semester.

We are accepting enrollment for the Fall 2018 semester.
The enrollment form is available for download on the Enrollment page of this website.

If you have not yet mailed your enrollment form & check and you plan to attend one of the lectures within the next two weeks, we recommend you bring the enrollment form and check and enroll in-person at the next lecture you attend.

The schedule and synopses were distributed by email on August 20.
Paper brochures with the schedule and enrollment form were mailed on Monday August 27.


There have been three changes to the program since the original schedule and synopses were distributed.

a) the lectures on Tuesday September 25 have switched time slots.

b) Tuesday October 16 10:30 AM has a new lecture topic.

c) Thursday October 18 9:00 AM has a new discussion moderator.

The planned IRP program, with the changes, is posted on the Schedule page of this website; it includes the following remaining lectures and trips for the Fall semester:

Al Qaeda & ISIL: Overview and Update,  September 20

Iran & North Korea: Current Status and Issues,  September 20

Tourism in Franklin County,  September 25

Rock, Water, Air,  September 25

Bus Trip:  Jennerstown, PA  Mountain Playhouse,  Performance of
—-One Slight Hitch  and The National Museum of the American Coverlet,
—-September 26

Bicycling Across America,  September 27

The Spanish Civil War: Prelude to World War II?,  September 27

Dairy: Past, Present and Future  October 2

The Current State of Rooftop Solar,  October 2

Bus Trip:  Southwestern Pennsylvania and Western Maryland,
—-Penn Alps Craft Shop, Grantsville, MD,  Mt. Davis (highest point in PA),
—-Deer Valley YMCA Camp, Fort Hill, PA,  October 3

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Cases and Controversies,  October 4

An Introduction to the Anabaptists and Their Descendants in the
—-Cumberland Valley,  October 4

Plants and Flowers that Attract Birds to Your Backyard,  October 9

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) to Building Design,  October 9

The Bill of Rights and You,  October 10

Lyme Disease: Treatment and Management,  October 10

Crafting the Perfect Representative: A Global Comparison of Constitutional
—-Requirements for National Office,  October 11

Opioid Crisis & Law Enforcement’s Response in Ben’s County,  October 11

Average People in South Central Pennsylvania: Estate Planning,  October 16

The Electoral College: Should it Be Abolished?,  October 16

Bus Trip:  Historical and Industrial York, PA,  October 17

Great Decisions:  Turkey – Partner in Crisis,  October 18

Franklin County Certified Tourism Ambassador Program,  October 18

Wedge: How Polarized Media Foster Our Political Disunion,  October 23

Mercy in Motion: The Gift of Mobility, African Initiative,  October 23

The Joy of Writing Your Own Story,  October 24

A Philosophical Sampler,  October 24

Theatre Performance and the Acting Process,  October 25

PTSD: The Continual War Within,  October 25

Disney, Bambi, and an Austrian Jew: A Story of Art and Politics,  October 30

Tales From the Old Jail,  October 30

Bus Trip:  Philadelphia, PA  Vikings Exhibit, Franklin Institute,
—-and the Museum of the American Revolution,  October 31

A Tour Through the Dobbin House, Gettysburg, PA,  November 1

We have no plans to alter the location of our lecture meetings at Wilson College for the Fall 2018 semester.

In looking to the future, we are exploring alternative venues, but we hope to remain at Wilson College through the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters.

Our final enrollment count for the Spring 2018 semester was 388.

For the second straight semester, the average attendance was almost 100 per lecture.
Attendance varied between 51 (low) and 199 (high).


The Past Semesters page of this website is operational and current.



Any computer capable of receiving and downloading IRP attachments
should be able to download IRP documents from this website.

Last year, we experienced IRP messages sent to multiple addressees with attachments being blocked by some email servers, and some other recipients’ computers putting these messages into SPAM or JUNK-Mail folders.

If you are on the IRP email list and you do not receive expected IRP emails, please check your spam or junk-mail folder.

If IRP emails are not reaching your computer, or if you have any questions, please call John Ricca, 717-352-8996.

Thanks for your cooperation.

NOTE:  Most members’ computers will not print from email attachments.  For almost all members, it will print correctly if the attachment is first downloaded to the computer (Documents or My Documents folder), then opened from within the Documents folder and printed from the computer without the interference of the email program.


In keeping with our policy of cooperation with Wilson College, we will include information about Wilson College Common Hour lectures in the IRP weekly bulletins – unless they conflict with IRP scheduled lectures.  Additional information about Common Hour lectures can be seen at:


There is a major construction project ongoing on the west side (Conococheague side) of the Science Center.

Parking at Wilson College will be very limited through this semester.

We encourage IRP members to car-pool as much as possible.

Directions and roadmaps to/of the Wilson College campus, which has been simplified for IRP members, is available on the About IRP page of this website.



Please turn in any found personal property to
John Ricca, 717-352-8996.

Persons who have lost personal property should contact
John Ricca, 717-352-8996.



IRP sessions will not meet if Chambersburg schools are
closed or delayed due to bad weather.

Call 717-261-5680 for updates.


The IRP does NOT sell or share personal information (address, phone number, email, etc. of members or volunteer speakers) with other persons or organizations.


Members may pick up a schedule or synopses at any lecture.

Wilson College.
Please do not smoke anywhere on the Wilson College campus.
Members may purchase lunch in the Wilson College cafeteria.
Please do not bring food or drink into the Science Center Auditorium.
Please park only in the places shown on the Wilson College map.

Scotland Campus.
Please do not bring food or drink into the Auditorium.
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