The Fall 2019 semester will begin on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, and will end on October 31.

We are in the process of developing the program for the Fall semester; it should be completed by the second week of August.  When the schedule and synopses are completed, they will be available for download on the appropriate pages of this website.

While we recognize that the IRP program is subject to a rare change, we are planning to include the following topics, excursions and other events, on the dates shown:

WellSpan Health Care System and What It Means for the Patient,  September 10

On Beyond Pluto,  September 10 

Frank Feather, Itinerant Folk Artist,  September 11

Be Your Own Hero: Violence Prevention Solutions,  September 11

Local Government,  September 12

Soldiers, Sisters, Spies: Women of the Civil War,  September 12

Community Nursing: How Can It Impact Me?,  September 17

Fake News? … Alternative Facts? … or American Mythology?,  September 17

Beekeeping and Some of the Challenges Bees Face Today,  September 18

A Photographic Tour of South Africa and Nambia,  September 18

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program: Update,  September 19,

The Normandy Diary of Marie Louise Osmont,  September 19

Stress in Your Life The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,  September 24,

Jean Craighead George: The First 100 Years,  September 24,

Imprisonment, Trial & Execution of the Lincoln Assassination Conspirators,  September 25,

The Chambersburg Kiwanis Club,  September 25

Bus Trip: Jennerstown, PA, Mountain Playhouse Theater, Performance: 5/31/1889: The Flood,  September 26

Great Decisions: The Rise of Populism in Europe,  October 1

Member Speakers: Best Advice or Best Place Visited and Why,  October 1

Judaism, Religion and Violence,  October 3

911: What Happens When You Call?,  October 3

Wee Willie Sherdel: The Cardinals’ Winningest Left-Hander,  October 8

Radical Jihad: Analysis & Current Status,  October 8

Weapons of Mass Destruction: World-Wide Update,  October 9

Meditation for the Busy Mind,  October 9

Conserving Endangered Rhinos in South Africa,  October 10

Lifestyle Decisions that Matter,  October 10

Wounded Houses, Shattered Lives: What Was It Like for the Gettysburg Citizens of 1863?,  October 15

From John Brown to James Brown,  October 15

The Development of the Bible,  October 17

Dennis Hart Mahan: Military Tactics Instructor at West Point During the 1800s,  October 17

The Tuscarora Wildlife Education Program (TWEP),  October 22

Political Polarization: Separation Anxiety,  October 23

75 Years Later: A Combat Engineer and the Fight Across Europe with Patton’s Army in WWII,  October 23

Islam, Religion & Violence,  October 24

The Venona Secrets,  October 24

Women in American Politics: New Voices, New Choices,  October 29

The Expressive Art of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald,  October 29

Bus Trip: Manassas National Battlefield & Chatham Manor, Fredericksburg, VA,  October 30

Cumberland Valley Railroad Museum in Shippensburg,  October 31



The enrollment form for the Fall 2019 semester is now available for download on the Enrollment page of this website.

Enrollment for one semester is $25 for one person, or $40 per couple, which covers attendance at any or all of the 39 lectures.  It does not include the cost for bus trips or special events.

We had 394 members enrolled for the Spring semester, and 135 of them are already enrolled for the Fall semester.  Our average attendance for the Spring semester was 87.

We do not accept payment for enrollment in future calendar years.


In looking to the future, we are exploring alternative venues, but we hope to remain at Wilson College in the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters.



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