IRP FALL 2020 Semester

At this point, we cannot predict what the circumstances will be for the Fall semester.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented restrictions, including the shutdown of activities at Wilson College.  We do not know whether Wilson College will reopen for in-person activities for the Fall semester.

Enrollment for the Fall semester has been delayed indefinitely because the Wilson College campus has been shut down, and the IRP staff has no access to the mailbox in the Wilson College distribution center.  We plan to send email notification to all on our distribution list as soon as this situation changes.

Cancelled lectures from the Spring 2020 semester (which was terminated after week 2) may be rescheduled in future semesters.

The IRP Fall 2020 lecture program is completely filled, but at this time, it is unknown whether or not we will be able to meet in-person because of the current restrictions for large group gatherings.  Our planning for the Fall semester included the following lectures and bus trips:

Traduttore / Traditori: Word Analysis, September 8
The Victorian Historian: A Unique & Strange Look at America’s 19th & Early 20th Century, September 8
A Trek in the Himalayas, September 9
Three French Gardens, September 9
Woman Suffrage: Lavinia Lloyd Dock, September 10
The Quest for the Historical Jesus, September 15
How the U.S. Army War College Develops Leaders & Ideas for Strategic Challenges, September 16
A Calamity for the Country: North-South Conflict, Secession, and the Onset of the Civil War, September 16
Summer in the Kingdom of Bears: Volunteering with the National Park Service in Alaska, September 17
The George Spangler Farm Hospitals and the Battle of Gettysburg, September 17
A Study of Baseball Cards, September 22
Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs & Movie Stars, September 22
Bus Trip to Jennerstown, PA, Mountain Playhouse,  Comedy: Ripcord, September 23
Literacy’s Impact on Communities, September 24
Gangster Movies from the 1930s & 1940s, September 24
Forgotten Cavalry Actions of the Gettysburg Campaign, September 29
Renfrew Museum and Park, October 1
Marilynne Summers Robinson: Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, October 6
First Lady of the Confederacy: An Intimate Conversation with Varina Howell Davis, October 6
A Visit to Borneo and Vietnam, October 7
Can Fusion Power the World?  How to Create a Star on Earth, October 7
Government Within a Commonwealth: How Does It Work?, October 8
Legal Liability, Asset Protection and Insurance, October 13
Improving the Quality of Life for Those with Vision Loss, October 13
Bus Trip to Scranton, PA, Steamtown National Historic Site (railroad museum) and
    Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum, October 14
Henry Bergh: The Great Meddler, October 15
Kindly Canines: Therapy Dogs, October 15
Preserving History: The Adams County Historical Society, October 20
Books of 1863: Would They Be Your Cup of Tea?, October 20
Great Decisions: Climate Change and the Global Order, October 21
History of Rhythm & Blues, October 22
Consumer Fraud For Seniors, October 22
Israel & Palestineans: Update, October 27
Alice Roosevelt “In Person”, October 27
On the Razor’s Edge: Balance of Military Power on NATO’s Eastern Flank, October 29

IRP References

The References page of this website is operational.

Currently, there are two documents available for viewing or download:

–  Reference 1:  IRP History & General Information

 Reference 2:  IRP Synopses, Spring 2012 – Spring 2020


In looking to the future, we are exploring alternative venues, but we hope to remain at Wilson College for the immediate future.



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If you are on the IRP email list and you do not receive expected IRP emails, please check your spam or junk-mail folder.

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In keeping with our policy of cooperation with Wilson College, we will include information about Wilson College Common Hour and Orr Forum lectures in the IRP weekly bulletins – unless they conflict with IRP scheduled lectures.  Additional information about Common Hour lectures can be seen at:


Parking at Wilson College is very limited.

We encourage IRP members to car-pool as much as possible.

There is a parking lot immediately north of the Science Center (where there had been tennis courts) that has 42 parking spaces, of which three are handicap parking.

The new parking lot on the east side (Edgar Avenue side) of the Science Center is now open for use.  It consists of approximately 100 parking spaces, including a few handicap spaces.



Please turn in any found personal property to
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Persons who have lost personal property should contact
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IRP sessions will not meet if Chambersburg schools are closed or delayed due to bad weather or other emergencies.

Call 717-261-5680 for updates.


The IRP does NOT sell or share personal information (address, phone number, email, etc. of members or volunteer speakers) with other persons or organizations.


Members may pick up a schedule or synopses at any lecture.

Wilson College.
Please do not smoke anywhere on the Wilson College campus.
Members may purchase lunch in the Wilson College cafeteria.
Please do not bring food or drink into any lecture auditorium.
Please park only in the places shown on the Wilson College map.

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